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Auger Flighting

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Nationwide Distributor
G&H is the premier source for welders and machinist shops replacing worn out auger flighting on equipment in the country. Our main warehouse is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where it houses one of the largest supply of helicoid auger flighting in the United States. Rooted as a distributing company, G&H is able to cut down shipping fees and shipment transit time to customers simply by being centrally located, ultimately saving our customers time and money.

Auger fabricationSpecializing in helicoid replacement flighting, G&H also handles many different types of flighting products including sectional, bristled, and cupped flighting as well as angle flanges. Flighting is available in right or left hand directions, in varying levels of thickness, and in a variety of materials such as poly, mild steel, stainless steel, chrome, and abrasion resistant (AR plate) steel.

Helicoid Flighting
Helicoid flighting stocking sizes are cut in standard 10ft lengths and are sold in 5ft increments. With a  stock of flighting diameters ranging from 3" to 24",  G&H maintains a comprehensive selection for most auger applications and offers quantity discounts on sizing combinations of 50ft or more. G&H is the only stocking distributor of an unrivaled new helicoid flighting product called UltraFlyte™ which is available in select sizes.

Custom Flighting
Have a prototype for need custom made auger flighting? Speak to one of our sales representatives to request a quote. Although custom sizes and materials are limited to our manufactures capabilities, we  will do the leg work in searching for a manufacturer to fabricate an auger to your specifications and requirements.

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Sectional Flighting
Primarily used in feed wagons or in instances where thicker or a specialized material is required, sectional flighting is 1 single flight rotation. Unique to sectional flighting, the flight itself keeps its thickness from the inner edge to outer edge of its face, limiting wearpoints and making the flight last longer than helicoid sections. G&H does stock several common sizes of sectional flighting in mild steel material. All stainless steel, abrasive resistant, and extra thick sectional pieces are made to order and FOB factory.  Standard smooth edges or notched flighting is also available.

Custom Flighting