Auger Flighting

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Specialty flighting & Custom Fabrications

bristle, variable pitch, & special materials

Our specialty flighting includes bristled, cupped, and some customized fabrications for special auger and screw projects. The cupped and bristled flighting allows farmers to move seed faster and more efficiently with the least amount of damage to your product as possible. Our customer specified auger and screw flighting is developed on a per order basis and can be anything from an uncommon diameter to short or extended pitch augers. Customers just need to supply the dimensions and we can get the flighting fabricated and shipped out as soon as possible.

Custom Auger FlightingCustom Flighting
Have a prototype for need custom made auger flighting? Speak to one of our sales representatives to request a quote. Although custom sizes and materials are limited to our manufactures capabilities, we  will do the leg work in searching for a manufacturer to fabricate an auger to your specifications and requirements.

     Metal Material Options:
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Abrasion Resistant Steel
  • Aluminum

Other Specialty Products
  • Bristle Edges
  • Poly
  • Sectional Notched
  • Bar Stock
  • Leaned
  • Cupped
  • Ribbon