Auger Flighting

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How to Order
Auger Flighting

Auger Flighting FabricationG&H supplies shaftless auger flight products. To order replacement auger flighting, our sales team will need the following measurements to make sure our flighting fits the shaft it is being welded to and the application: Outside Diameter, Shaft Size/Inside Diameter, Pitch, Flighting Direction (left or right hand). Depending on the availabilty, information such as material preference and thickness may be requested.

Outside Diameter

Outside Diameter MeasurementThe measurement from the outer edge of the auger's rotation peak to the outer edge of the trough. We recommend using 3/4" to 1" smaller outside diameter than the tube the flighting will be installed into.

Example: If your tube is 11 inches in diameter, we recommend using an auger with an outside diameter of 10 in. or 10 1/4in. to prevent an unnecessary wear from minor imperfections in the tube or bends in the shaft.


Pitch Measurement
The measurement between one peak of the flighting's rotation to the next. The pitch of your flighting determines how much product you will move per rotation.

Example: An auger with a 6 inch pitch will move product 50% faster than 3 inch auger rotating at the same speed.

inside diameter

Inside Diameter MeasurementDetermined by the size of the pipe that the flighting is going to be mounted on. The inside diameter should be slightly larger than the shaft size so that the pipe can slide into the flight smoothly but still be snug enough to not have to stretch the mounting weld unnecessarily.

ID measurement Chart

direction (right or left)

Direction of Flow
The direction of the auger determines the direction of flow of the product as the auger rotates.

Left Hand Direction FlightingRight Hand DirectionTo determine which direction of flighting you
need, simply follow these steps:

1) Stand at an end of the auger.
2) Place your hand on the top edge of the flighting and push your hand forward.
3)To keep your hand on the top edge determines the direction of the flighting.

      Left Hand               Right Hand
Example: If flighting curves to the right, you have right-hand flighting.

If the flighting curves to the left, you have left-hand flighting.

material thickness

Measuring auger edgeThe material thickness determines the wear life of the auger. Commonly, the first point of wear on the auger flighting is going to be the outer edge of the auger. With UltraFlyte auger flighting, the outside edge is thicker and the auger material is fabricated with an enhanced carbon steel material giving the auger a longer wear life than average flighting.

Flighting ThicknessUsually the size of the auger dictates the thickness of material that is needed to fabricate it. In smaller sizes (2"- 4") 10 gauge or 3/16" thick material is common. Once diameters reach the mid-rage of 5" - 12" augers, thicknesses are usually available in both 3/16" and 1/4" thick. Diameters larger than that commonly have a 1/4" or even a 3/8" material thickness. 

Replacement Auger FlightingAdditional Information:
Our standard helicoid stocking sizes are stocked in 10ft lengths and are sold in 5ft increments. We offer quantity discounts on any combination of flighting sizes at 50ft or more. Specialty and custom flighting are fabricated in lengths at the factory's discretion.